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Steam specialist & Advisor

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We specialize in professional steam equipment
for both commercial and domestic use.


Are you looking for the most effective and efficient solution for your tough cleaning jobs? Steam cleaners from The Clean Experience are machines that can vacuum both wet and dry. Our high-quality steam devices often have a hot water function (jet), which makes the steam cleaner suitable for any application. The experienced consultants of The Clean Experience are happy to give you concrete and result-oriented advice. Your situation is unique, so make use of our expertise.



Hygiene is an essential part of our health. A lack of hygiene can lead to diseases. The home and work environment are places where we spend most of our time. A clean environment improves our health and our well-being.


You have chosen to clean with steam? Excele choice!

But do you want to do it with a steam cleaner, steam vacuum cleaner or a steam extraction vacuum cleaner? What is the difference? On this page we will help you further.


In which industry do you want to use your steam cleaner or steam vacuum cleaner? The Clean Experience has various suitable models for every sector. Below you will find more information per sector. We are happy to provide tailor-made advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us. By thinking along with you in your unique working environment and answering questions clearly, we deliver tailor-made solutions,

with a satisfied customer as the absolute ultimate goal.


Visibly and tangibly cleaner!
Our bakery is visibly and tangibly cleaner than before we used the machine of The Clean Experience. We were looking for a device that could effortlessly clean the oven, as well as the synthetic ceiling of our bakery. Both rather tricky jobs, because you have a hard time getting to them. Annoying jobs are often postponed, but since we have a machine of The Clean Experience, that is a thing of the past, and we also save on water and cleaning products.

Willemsen bakery, Steenderen

Margaret Willemsen